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Roof Lanterns Sutton

Roof lanterns are a brilliant way to bring the sky into your Sutton home in the least invasive way possible. With the sun falling down from above on your Sutton property, you’ll benefit from enhanced natural light that keeps your home comfortable and warm throughout the year. Designed to fit any room style, from dining to kitchen, these fantastic products will easily match your home.

For many years The Wright Glazing Company Ltd have been bringing the very best double glazing products to Sutton homeowners throughout Sutton, Epsom, Croydon, Fulham, Southfields, Putney, Wandsworth, Balham, Clapham and the surrounding London areas. As a local family run business, we want to bring all of our customers the best roof lanterns at easily affordable prices.

Beautifully Stylish Roof Lanterns

There are a number of reasons that roof lanterns make for a fantastic home improvement item. For one thing, their small scale when compared with other larger double glazing projects make for easy and swift installation. They are easy to handle for our installation experts, and therefore you can be relaxing beneath your new roof lanterns in no time when you purchase with us.

This allows you to add a feeling of space into your room with more natural light and a view of the sky, whilst maximising the available space by not taking up any with your new installation. The result is a room within your Sutton home that offers all of the open-air qualities of a conservatory or open patio. All of this can be achieved in an incredibly cost-effective double glazing product.

Our dedication to quality products and services has not gone unnoticed by important groups within the home improvement industry. We are proud to exclaim that we are officially accredited by FENSA and the GGF, two government officiated groups that are tasked with monitoring suppliers and installers within the home improvement sector for quality products and services.

roof lanterns sutton

Features & Benefits of Roof Lanterns

Roof lanterns are a fantastic choice for any Sutton home for the reasons we’ve mentioned above. However if you purchase your roof lanterns with The Wright Glazing Company, then you are getting a product that beats out competitors on the market. This industry-leading design is precisely designed to be able to fit into any property, traditional or modern.

All of our double glazing products are designed with thermal efficiency in mind, and our roof lanterns are no different. Optimised for domestic properties, the typical U value with 1.1 glass for a 1000mm wide x 2000mm long lantern is 1.4 W/m2K. Designed around maximum uninterrupted sight lines, the ridge board and hub ends are unobtrusive.

With a thermally broken aluminium ridge body, our roof lanterns are built to a 25 degree fixed pitch to all four sides. The internal aluminium cladding in the meantime are factory filled with insulation for maximised energy efficiency for the sake of reduced heating needs. The immediate benefit of this includes reduced energy bills and a reduced carbon footprint.

Roof Lanterns Tailored to You

We are proud to offer roof lanterns that come in a host of designs and colours. You will easily be able to match your new double glazing product to your existing home. An internal colour scheme of white uPVC can be upgraded to anthracite grey or satin black, and the external aluminium is also available in these colours so you can choose.

These customisation options are not limited solely to colour and finishing however. We also offer hardware modifications so that your roof lanterns can meet your exact requirements. With the addition of a roof vent, you can allow fresh air as well as light into your room, and these come with a number of automatic and manual openers.

Finally, the build of the roof lantern itself is also open to personalisation, and can be fit to a number of property types in a myriad of sizes so that any customer can make the most of them. Specifically, our double glazing roof lanterns available in a number of bespoke rectangular sizes ranging from 1000mm x 1500mm to 4000mm x 5850mm.

roof lantern prices sutton

Roof Lanterns Prices, Sutton

Roof lanterns truly are one of the classiest and least invasive ways in which to improve upon your Sutton property. By offering personality and style, they will transform any home into a warm and natural building that offers a welcoming nature to any visitors.

We work with a number of highly experienced teams, from our installers in the field to our representatives monitoring our contact options. Every one of them will be more than happy to help with whatever you may need. Contact us today for more information.

Alternatively, you can utilise our online quotation tool to get a price specific to your exact requirements in a matter of minutes. This is easily the most efficient way to find roof lanterns prices that are perfect for your home improvement project. Get in contact today!

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